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This all-natural soap is perfect for your pet's skin and coat. It helps to reduce itching, dryness, and dandruff. It is infused with CBD Isolate and Epsom salts to provide an extra layer of soothing relief. The CBD Isolate helps alleviate mild pain, inflammation, and stiffness. Epsom salts help to balance skin pH and provide relief from bruises. Enjoy the benefits of Mai Naked CBD & Epsom Salt Infused Soap for Pet's.

Mai-Naked Soap/Shampoo Bar for Pets

  • Benefits of Epsom Salts

    • Helps remove toxins
    • Promotes healing
    • Natural anti-inflammatory
    • Helps relieve chronic pain
    • Soothes sore and inflamed paws
    • Reduces swelling
    • Reduces stiffness of arthritis
    • Relieves muscle aches
    • Eliminate toxins and soothe the skin such as with eczema
    • Effective in reducing the symptoms of allergies
    • Boosts brain neurotransmitters that help reduce stress and anxiety
    • Helps against bites
    • Can help with heavy metal detox
    • Good for sunburn
    • Aids healing of minor wounds
    • Helps with anal gland problems
    • Good for helping treat flea infestations and as a flea preventative
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