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Here's a little bit about us!

At Mai Wellness, Darwen & Yvonne understand the importance of overall wellness for both people and their pet's. Our journey began when we owned and created Nature's Reality, which won Small Business of the Year in Pembroke, Ontario. After selling the business to travel the world, we have came back to our roots and what we love to do. We started formulating again and Mai Wellness was born. We are passionate about providing the highest quality CBD Wellness products for people and pet's alike. When you choose Mai Wellness Product's, you can trust that our family-owned business will provide the best care for your family.

Past Highlight Reel

Darwen Briscoe

Darwen before he found the healing properties of CBD


A raffle we did to help a local woman named Ashley to get life saving medication. We raffled off our Model "T" Ford

Yvonne and Pup

When we got our puppy and really delved into the science behind CBD & Pets

original packaging

A blast from the past, some of our original packaging and products

store front

As the store filled with our products. Again a blast from the past

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